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Alan Bell is the founder of Handmade Digital. His credits include many Hollywood feature films. Recently he edited and composited visual effects shots for films such as "The Comebacks"- Fox Atomic, "Hoot"- Walden Media, "Little Manhattan"- New Regency Entertainment,"Miracle" - Walt Disney Studios, "Alex and Emma" - Warner Bro's, and others.

Alan founded Handmade Digital upon the principle that it's better to have a few really good artists working on desktop software than one person sitting in front of an expensive hardware based system. Todays desktop software tools are perfectly suited to do visual effects work and these systems can be set up anywhere.

"We believe that visual effects must integrate seamlessly into the movie. It doesn't matter whether you are making a movie of the week or a feature film, every shot is just as important as the last. To support this we stand ready to put together a dedicated team of artists to meet the demands of your show. After all, it's the people who make the difference."

Some of our favorite freelance compositors include:

Lee "Rod" Roderick's many credits include VFX Supervisor on "The Comebacks"- Fox Atomic, Lead Compositor on "For Your Consideration"- Warner Independent Pictures, "Hoot"- Walden Media, and "Little Manahattan" - New Regency Entertainment. Lee is a Certified Discreet Training Specialist for combustion and in 2003 he launched combustion 3 for Discreet in New York and Los Angeles. Always the busy instructor, he wrote and presented the New Features Presentations that ship with Discreet combustion 4. Lee is co-author of "combustion 2 Courseware" for Autodesk Press. Along with his demanding production schedule, Lee is co-owner of the Las Vegas based Runaway Training where his combustion training DVDs carry the Discreet Certified Learning Materials label.