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Mission statement.

Our aim is to provide filmmakers with quality handcrafted visual effects. By maintaining a reduced overhead and scaling our employee base as needed, we are able to keep shots affordable. There are no middlemen at Handmade Digital, and everyone in the company is a well-rounded visual effects artist. Filmmakers have direct access to the artists working on their shots so that nothing is lost in translation. We do not bid on or accept work unless we have one hundred percent confidence in our ability to achieve the client’s goals. Handmade Digital is perhaps the only visual effects company that will turn down work if we think it can be done better elsewhere. In our playbook, the film always comes first. By doing excellent work, communicating directly with the filmmakers, and maintaining a creative perspective by remembering that it’s the artist and not the computer doing the work, we are able to provide the highest quality at extremely affordable prices.

Our promise:

We will always be honest in our assessment of the situation on set. If we see something that can help you reduce costs without compromising the quality of the work, we will mention it.

We will always provide direct access to the artists doing the work. You will never deal with a supervisor who is not one of the shot makers.

We will deliver your shots on time and in many cases earlier than promised.

We will do everything in our power to streamline turn over.

We will always provide courteous and prompt service.

It is our goal to handcraft the finest visual effects shots on the planet.

-Alan Edward Bell